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www.fygi.com is the official marketing and sales gateway worldwide for Fuyao Automotive Replacement Safety Glass servicing light vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, bus & coaches, recreational vehicles (RV) and off-road vehicles. 

Fuyao Group, comprised of HQ and global wholly-owned subsidiaries, provides automotive safety glass and service, including product development, project quotation, order and logistics management for automotive glass wholesalers, distributers, repair shops etc. 

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Your Expert in Automotive Aftermarket Glass

• We have the most comprehensive global automotive glass catalogue with over 30,000 different auto glass replacement parts and more than 2,000 new products developed each year.

• We are dedicated to our position as manufacturer, continuing to share common goals with our global supply chain partners and strengthening core values to drive the growth of our supply chain partners.

We are striving to win more business opportunities for our global customers.

And we are confident to win the trust of global car owners.

Fuyao is always with you.


Fuyao Supplies OEM Equivalent ARG Products for Replacement Market

Materials used in the manufacturing of both OEM and ARG automotive glass are manufactured under the same strict standards. FYG uses the same production lines for ARG:
• The same quality control systems are used to produce and inspect the ARG products
•  The quality of Fuyao's ARG and OEM products are equivalent, with the exception that the OEM’s bears the vehicle maker’s logo and ARG does not.


Fuyao Manufactures Windshields for Vehicles that have Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) Functions

When an ADAS windshield is replaced, the cameras must be recalibrated. This is a critical process to ensure the driver and passengers’ safety. NOTE: most drivers are not aware of the need to re-calibrate the ADAS systems to avoid potential safety risks.

Every car manufacturer has its own specifications for ADAS calibration. These differences range from manufacturer to manufacturer, and in many instances, the same manufacturer will have differences from model to model. Therefore, only trusted manufacturers, who have the proven experience, can produce the original specifications of auto glazing which enables the ADAS system to be recalibrated. Precise calibration ensures correct Pitch, Yaw and Roll of camera angle. Fuyao Group is proud to be one of them.