Mr. Cho Tak Wong

The Founder and Chairman

Mr. Cho Tak Wong, born in 1946, is the founder and chairman of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd. He also serves as the chairman of China Automotive Glass Association.
In 1987, he established Yaohua Automotive Glass Co. Ltd. (predecessor of the Fuyao Group), specializing in the manufacturing and sales of automotive safety glass and industrial glass.  Fuyao Group has now grown into the world’s largest automotive glass manufacturer under his leadership. In recognition of his achievements, Mr. Cho stood out amongst the 43 entrepreneurs from all over the world and received the award of“2009 Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur “ .
The automotive glass production plant invested by Fuyao Group was officially launched into production in Dayton, Ohio, America on October 2016. So far, Fuyao has invested $1 billion in projects across Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and other states, creating nearly 5,000 jobs.

Mr. Tso Fai

Vice Chairman

Mr. Tso Fai has been the Vice Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Fuyao Group since August 2015
Currently he also serves as the Board Director of Fujian Yaohua Industrial Village Development Co., Ltd, Chopline Limited, Trade Commerce Limited and Triplex Holdings Management Co., Ltd.; the Chairman and General Manager of Fujian Triplex Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. , Fujian Triplex Auto Services Co., Ltd., as well as the Executive Director and General Manager of Fujian Triplex Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., Fujian Triplex Holdings Group Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou Fuyao Mold Technology Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Fuyao Group from September 2006 to July 2015.
Executive Director of Fuyao Group from August 1998 to August 2015 
Received a master’s degree in business administration from Baker College in the United States on December 2005
President of Fuyao North America Inc. from August 2001 to December 2009
General Manager of Greenville Glass Industries Inc. (a member of the Company engaged in glass trading which was subsequently deregistered) from January 2001 to December 2009 and chief financial officer from July 1996 to December 2000
General Manager of Fuyao Hong Kong from March 1994 to June 1996 
General Manager of Sanyi Development Limited from June 1992 to February 1994
Joined the Company in November 1989

Shu Ye

CEO of Fuyao Group

Mr. Shu Ye joined Fuyao Group in 2003 and has served Fuyao Group continuously for 21 years, successively serving as Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Fuyao Group Subsidiary, Director of Procurement and Supply Management Department of Fuyao Group, Vice President and CEO of Fuyao Group.


Dedicated to improving Fuyao supply chain system, Mr. Shu Ye has managed to build an intelligent coordination platform for Fuyao Group in more than 10 years. He further fosters a continuous and good cooperative relationship with hundreds of suppliers worldwide, playing a positive role in promoting a globalized, green, intelligent, innovative and win-win situation for China's Auto Parts Industry Chain.


Since assuming office in 2017, Mr.Shu Ye, as the CEO of Fuyao Group, has led the Group to withstand the global automotive industry downturn, Sino-US trade frictions, COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining a sustained, stable and healthy development of the enterprise.


In 2020, despite the severe COVID-19 outbreak and a sudden change in international situation, Mr. Shu Ye has led Fuyao Group to achieve a remarkable counter-trend growth.