Heated Glass


Ice, frost and fog all have a negative impact on the visible zones of the windscreen in winter. In order to maximize the clear visible zone, heated windshields are used.

Wired Heated Glass

Product Principle: Tungsten wires with a diameter of 0.018~0.033mm are applied to the PVB before laminating, which heat the glass when powered on. 

Applied Product: Windshield, door glass and backlite

Applied Vehicle: Land Rover, BMW and VW, etc.


Heated Coating

Product Principle:  A metal film layer is coated on the inner surface of laminated glass to achieve uniform heating of the whole piece of glass by applying voltage on the busbar electrode.

Main Features:

•  Frost, fog, snow and ice on the glass can be melted with heat, offering clearer visibility in Winter; 
•  Selected heating of wiper, rain sensor and camera zone;
•  Direct heating by vehicle voltage (14V)

•  IR reflection and energy-saving by reducing the use of air conditioning in Summer; 

Applied Product: Windshield and backlite

Applied Vehicle: Audi and VW, etc.