Panoramic Sunroof


Product Principle:

The latest molding and encapsulation assembly integration technology is adopted to make the sunroof as large as nearly 3 m2 , which seamlessly matches with the car styling, forming a panoramic roof panel.

    Panoramic sunroof with single glass panel

Panoramic sunroof with two glass panels

Main Features: 

•    Super wide unobstructed vision to enjoy the full view above
•    Good exposure to sunlight to maximize the interior space and create an enjoyable driving experience
•    Excellent air exchange
•    Laminated sunroofs are safer and offer better acoustic performance than normal glass
•    Integrated multiple functions of acoustic, dimming, heat insulation, ambient light and photovoltaic sunroof etc.

Applicable Product: Sunroof

Applied Vehicle: Land Rover, Volvo, Ford, Great Wall, Jili,