Antenna Glass


Coated Antenna

Product Principle:

Utilizing IR coated film as the antenna, the signal is connected to radio or AMP coupling through a coupling metal sheet or silver print, resulting in not needing to custom design the pattern for different glass, as only an IR coating is used; Sensitivity, gain, resistance and standing wave performance can only be achieved by changing the connection position, feed magnitude and frequency response of the AMP

Main advantages:

•    No printing, Invisible lines, cannot be destroyed
•    Shorter wiring harness to reduce cost
•    Better performance than printed antenna

Vertical polarization 360 degree gain map for windshield coated antenna with AMP, and an average sensitivity at 99~10sMpa of 5.02db.

Vertical polarization 360 degree gain map for backlight printed antenna with AMP

 Wired Antenna

Working Principle for Wired Antenna:

Copper wires with a diameter of 0.1~0.15mm are applied to PVB using customized equipment to be able to receive FM/AM/TV/GPS signals after lamination.


Printed Antenna

Working Principle for Printed Antenna

The silver antenna lines are printed on the inner surface of the glass and formed after heating process, to be able to receive FM/AM/TV/GPS signals.

Main Advantage: 
•  Diverse designs for the antenna
•  Free from environmental impact and durable
•  High sensitivity of signal reception 

Applicable Product: Laminated Windscreen, Tempered Backlite / Sidelite