Acoustic Glass


Cabin noise is caused by the car’s engine, road rumble, wind noise and resonant vibration. Although normal laminated glass can reduce the cabin noise, today’s car buyer's demands improved noise reduction. This demand is met by the superior acoustic performance of acoustic laminated glass.

Product Principle:

Acoustic PVB contains a special deadening layer which helps to prevent external noise from entering the cabin; effectively reducing noise inside the car.

Main Features:

•    Acoustic PVB can reduce cabin noise by between 5~10db in normal driving conditions. In addition, frequencies between 1000-4000HZ which are known to be a potential cause of car sickness are greatly reduced when absorbed by the special acoustic layer.
•    Lightweight thinner glass can be used while retaining the same acoustic performance as thicker glass.
•    Break-resistant, minimizing possibility of injury from glass fragments.
•    UV protection, the UV transmission should be lower than 5%.

Applicable Product: Windshield and sidelite, etc.

Applied Vehicle: Generally applied in VW, GM, Audi, Daimler, Toyota, Honda Ford, Mazda, Great Wall and Geely, etc.