Fuyao Group received China’s Quality Award.



On the morning of September 16th, the 4th China Quality Conference was grandly held in Hangzhou, and the list of organizations and individuals was announced. Fuyao Group, with the quality management mode of "Integrating Product with Personality, Quality and Taste, driven by innovation and humanism", was respected by the Selection and Commendation Committee and won the China Quality Award.

China’s Quality Award, is the highest honor in China's quality field. This award was first established with the approval of the central government in 2012, and is held every two years. Until now, there are four selections and commendations activities voted for. This Award aims to promote scientific quality management systems, modes and methods and ultimately promotes quality management innovation. Meanwhile, its objective is to spread advanced quality concepts, encourage and guide the society to continuously improve on quality, as well to promote the construction of a quality power. In the 4th China Quality Award ceremony, 9 organizations and 1 individual won the official award, while 80 organizations and 9 individuals won the nomination award.

 The quality management model of "Integrating Products with Personality, Quality and Taste, driven by innovation and humanism"

The quality management model of "Integrating Product with Personality, Quality and Taste, drive by innovation and humanism" is an innovative enterprise quality management system which Fuyao combines the following: Chinese people-oriented thought with modern scientific management, constantly exploring for trial and errors while summarizing and improving the combinination of the essence of Chinese and western enterprise management. This model is guided by the culture of “Comply with laws and regulations, focus on interested parties and stick to perfection.”raised by our founder and chairman Mr. Cao Dewang, guaranteed by “Fuyao Excellence Management System, which creates value through “Creating Demand, Robust R&D, Collaborative Supply Chain, Lean Intelligent Manufacturing and Agile service”. This model drives lifelong pursuit of high moral standards based on humanism, while making continuous improvement of products by innovation, promoting the development of companies, sets a typical example in the industry, presents perfect quality of products, ultimately fulfilling the desires of people for a high-quality life.

Fuyao brings Chinese manufacturing experience and quality management concept overseas.

At present, the quality management model of "Integrating Products with Personality, Quality and Taste, driven by innovation and humanism" has been successfully implemented in 11 countries around the world including 16 regions and 57 production and marketing research centers in China. Its comprehensive operation, efficiency and performance exceeds the average level of enterprises in the same region, displaying the advantages of cross-cultural background, strong acceptance, rapid reproduction, low consumption and high efficiency. Based on this model, Fuyao achieved Fuyao's quality goal of the "Three Highs": 1. high performance, 2. high stability and 3. high performance" two of the points are repetitive, the core technology was 100% controlled. The products and services were certified and selected by famous and major automobile manufacturers such as Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford and Chrysler. By 2021, Fuyao's domestic market share exceeded 68% and international market share exceeded 28%, creating a new pattern of global automobile glass industry led by Fuyao.

Fuyao has the largest automobile glass antenna darkroom in China.

In recent years, Fuyao has continuously increased its efforts in scientific and technological innovation, and successively set up nine national-level scientific research platforms, such as the National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Academic Workstation, Post-Doctoral Research Center, National CNAS Testing and Experimental Center, etc. This was achieved through six R&D centers around the world, while integrating global innovation resources. This lead to forming the independent innovation capability, covering the whole industrial chain of automobile glass. Fuyao has hosted or participated in the compilation of 23 domestic and foreign standards, resulting in successfully solving 13 domestic difficult technical problems, and achieving technological breakthroughs in key molding processes and equipment of automobile glass, glass antenna, coating, photoelectricity and other core technologies. Fuyao independently developed lightweight ultra-thin glass, coated heated insulated glass, AR-HUD glass, RFID 5G glass with networked antenna, intelligent panoramic sunroof, integrated intelligent pillar and other kinds of glass to meet the requirements of the new modernized automobiles. These products not only become a strong support for Fuyao's performance growth, but also bring new environmentally friendly, intelligent, safe and comfortable driving experiences to the driver.

The robot in Fuyao Intelligent Factory is grabbing the sunroof glass of the car.

In addition, Fuyao continuously improves the level of intelligent manufacturing, uses advanced sensing technology to realize the interconnection of high-end equipment, and builds a smart factory by deploying MES digital manufacturing execution system. So that it can realize real-time information interaction with customers' needs, and significantly improving the agility and comprehensive flexibility of the production system, so as to meet the production needs of small batch and multi-category.

The haedquater of Fuyao Group

While reaching the high-quality development of enterprises, Fuyao always takes environmentally friendly approach to development as its goal in order to build an environmentally friendly enterprise with resource conservation. In recent years. Fuyao has continuously optimized the whole process, supply chain and cycle of energy utilization and waste treatment through innovative means such as equipment transformation, process upgrading and green research and development. Ultimately it realized the "multi-energy complementarity" of electricity, gas, light, heat and renewable energy, reducing the annual electricity consumption by 115 million kWh, saving 68,000 tons of standard coal and reducing the carbon dioxide emission by 152,000 tons.

Fuyao will take winning the China Quality Award this time as a new starting point, helping the high-quality development of the national economy as its responsibility and mission, never stopping the pursuit of perfection… Fuyao produces intelligent products for the world.