The collision industry needs to get serious about ADAS calibration

Toronto, Ontario -- June 14, 2019 --  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are taking over the auto industry. A report by the IIHS and NHTSA found that approximately half of the vehicles produced in 2017-2018 had ADAS as a standard option on the vehicle. Furthermore, AAA found that ADAS was either standard or available as an option on 93% of model-year 2018 vehicles. It’s not just standard on luxury cars either – Toyota has had ADAS standard on over 90% of their vehicles since 2017. Nissan puts ADAS in every Altima, Rogue, and Sentry (among others) it sells. And it’s been standard on every Honda Accord sold since 2018.


A Legendary Glimpse through a piece of Glass, over the past 130 years

Germany is the birthplace of the modern automobile and is the country with the longest history of automobile production.Since Karl Benz invented the world's first automobile in 1886, the German automotive industry has gone through 130 years of development. During the process of German automobile manufacturing, Automotive glass has continued to evolve and improve. Upholding the spirit of craftsmanship and paying tribute to the classics, Fuyao auto glass has been following the highest industrial standards for every manufacturing process over the past 30 years. So far it has developed more than 400 glass items for over 200 classic vehicles with model years ranging from 1945 to 1970, as well as a comprehensive automotive glass catalogue with more than 30,000 items for the vehicle models after 1970.


Window to the past: a brief history of the windshield

May 9, 2019 -- Toronto, Ontario -- In 1904, the first windshields—at least as we would recognize them—began to appear on vehicles. While internal combustion engine-powered automobiles had existed for about twenty years by the time of this innovation, earlier motorists had not been terribly concerned about wind protection. Older automobiles were not able to travel quickly enough for the wind to be troublesome for drivers and passengers.


When the Windshield Helps Drive the Car, a Repair Isn’t So Simple

Fixing a cracked windshield used to be the kind of repair a technician could perform in a few minutes in your office parking lot while you were at work. Today, the same repair could take hours and require expensive computerized equipment in a special facility. And it will probably cost much more. If the repair is not done properly, it could have dire consequences.


Together, Fuyao will keep your classic cars on the road

Automotive glass was produced, developed and perfected during the ups and downs of the British automotive industry history. Make it easy for the car enthusiasts to find the needed windshield. It is this commitment, feelings, and dedication to the classics that strengthens our commitment to assist in keeping these classics on the road.


Autonomous Vehicle Report- April 5

Toronto, Ontario -- April 5, 2019 --Ford, General Motors (GM) and Toyota, along with SAE International, have established a new consortium that will focus on the safety of autonomous vehicles.


Autonomous Vehicle Report - March 29, 2019

Toronto, Ontario – March 28, 2019 – When thinking about the future of the automotive industry its hard not to focus on autonomous vehicles. Collision Repair has prepared the latest autonomous vehicle news that you need to know!


Survey highlights importance of ADAS

Toronto, Ontario -- March 22, 2019 -- More than half of Ontario drivers have little or no familiarity with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), according to a recent Ipsos survey commissioned by Speedy Glass.