Fuyao Group Won the "2020 Competitiveness Award" of PSA Group



During the current COVID-19 outbreak, the PSA Group held the "PSA Group Global Outstanding Supplier 2020" award ceremony on June 10, 2020 via videoconferencing at its plant in Poise, France. During the ceremony, PSA Group reiterated the strategic importance of its win-win partnership with suppliers.

The PSA Group recognizes the outstanding performance of its global suppliers in eight areas, with 12 suppliers being awarded for their commitment and performance in building QCDS (quality, cost and delivery) with PSA Group. Among them, Fuyao Glass was awarded the PSA Group "2020 Competitiveness Award", for its outstanding performance in the PSA Group's cost savings (sales, process, technology, logistics, etc.), as well as its cost-reduction portfolio plan for 2020 in response to PSA’s Group's target.

Carlos Tavares, the chairman of PSA group management committee, stated: "In the current COVID-19 situation, we must turn the crisis into an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with our suppliers to build a greener, innovative and strong automotive industry together. PSA Group is excited about the quality, cost and delivery performance of our supplier partners and is confident that we can overcome the challenges of the automotive industry's recovery and achieve a win-win outcome."

Since Fuyao Group’s inception; the goal was aimed at "becoming the most competitive supplier specialized in automotive glass in the world". By following a strategic development plan of being independent, open, inclusive and focusing on application and research, Fuyao Group has gradually grown into a well-known respected national brand, leading to China's # 1 and world-leading enterprise in the automotive glass industry. Through its own development, Fuyao Group gives back to society with practical actions, it has achieved outcomes in both economic and social benefits, coupled with a harmonious development of both the company and society.